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Welcome to the homepage of the Manchester "Wildcats" Freestyle Wrestling Club Website. The Club was formerly known as the the Manchester YMCA Wrestling Club which was formed in 1912 and became a founding affiliate of the then British Wrestling Association.

Since that time we have trained many hundreds of individuals in the art of freestyle wrestling and produced and hosted champion wrestlers along the way.

Freestyle Wrestling is an ideal sport for youngsters as it caters for their natural wish to "fight" sometimes regardless of gender. Manchester "Wildcats" provides a safe, clean and discliplined environment to channel this natural energy into a sport that has clear goals and rewards at the level of both the amateur sportsman and woman. However people, regardless of gender, age, size and physical ability are drawn to wrestling for the simple reason that it is fun. The sport provides the opportunity for learning and accepting discipline with the result of both a strengthening of the body and the mind.

Our Club has a tuition and practice programme designed to cater for the needs of the novice wrestler, those with intermediate skills through to the more advanced wrestler. Wherever possible our members are encouraged to participate in UK regional and national events. We also help with the take-up of the sport in schools through the British Wrestling Association's "Grassroots" programme. There are about 70 active club members: 20 Seniors (ranging 20 to 70 years +) and 50 Junior/Schoolchild and Mini wrestlers (ranging 4 to 19 years).

So, if you are interested in learning more about Freestyle Wrestling, either as an individual or organisation, please contact the Club by calling me on 07870 642273 or email

Whatever, your age do come to a Manchester "Wildcats" training session and view the facilities available at the Club alongside the wider sports centre facilities of the Manchester 'Y' Club.

Dale Murray
The TopCat

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Manchester YMCA 100 Years Anniversary

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