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Photo-link to PDF on the Manchester YMCA Wrestling Club - 100 Years. Click to view.

Training Issues Introduction

Freestyle wrestling is an activity driven by goals. You may be a recreational wrestler practising for general fitness regardless of age through to a hard driven, ambitious athlete aiming for honours at both national and international levels. Whatever the case it is necessary to train regularly and diligently and, in that way one's aspirations may be realised. The purpose of this section is to deal with training issues from availablity of facilities for both Junior and Senior wrestlers though to basic discussion of issues such as nutriton and weight training. Click on the links below to access the various training sections of this site, as required.

  1. Y Club Leisure Centre opening times (below).
  2. Junior wrestling (training times with session photos).
  3. Senior wrestling (training times with session photos).

The Y Club Leisure Centre has the following opening times:

Mon - Fri
6.00 am
10.30 pm
8.00 am
8.00 pm
8.00 am
7.00 pm



News Flash

Manchester YMCA 100 Years Anniversary


Click above to view a list of forthcoming regional and national events in the UK (Link to BWA page).
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