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Photo-link to PDF on the Manchester YMCA Wrestling Club - 100 Years. Click to view.


ymca picThe Manchester "Wildcats" Freestyle Wrestling Club is located at the 'Y' Club Leisure Centre which is attached to the Castlefield Hotel in Liverpool Road, Manchester. To the right is a photograph of the Leisure Centre showing it located in the foreground and the hotel towards the rear backing onto Liverpool Road.

The complex is part of the regeneration of the Castlefield Canal basin which was built at ymca picthe time of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. A view of the canal basin as seen from the leisure complex shows the Victorian iron and other bridges that span the canal basin. The construction of these bridges heralded the end of water transport as the railways became the principle means of industrial transport between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. The basin is now used as moorings for privately owned barges and there is a public arena where outdoor concerts are held in the summer.

The address of the Manchester 'Y' Club Leisure Centre is:

The Castlefield Hotel
Liverpool Road

Tel: +44 (0)161 837 3259
Fax: +44 (0)161 837 3534

Accessibility (by foot/public transport)

Access to the Leisure Centre is down the steps from Liverpool Road (unless you arriveymca picby barge!), and turn right at the bottom. This next photo show the entrance in relation to the steps and the hotel that towers above it to the right. The base of the steps is shown on the right flanked by the red railings. The entrance to the centre is directly ahead in the lower left quadrant of the photo. Access for the disabled is via the Car park at the back of the leisure centre and through the Castlefield Hotel main entrance down the ramp from Liverpool Road.

Access (by car)

ymca picCar parking is accessible both at the back of the leisure centre itself and is reached byturning into Potato Wharf. Parking costs 50 pence at all times and the facility is strictly restricted to those using the hotel and leisure facilities. The photo on the left shows the main car park at the rear of the leisure centre. At the top of the street is access from Liverpool Road.

Street Map & Aerial Photo

Click on the above hyperlink to see a map image of the area that can be printed and expanded as required.

  • Click here for Multimap reference for the Manchester YMCA, Castlefield Hotel and 'Y' Club Leisure facility.

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Manchester YMCA 100 Years Anniversary


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